Vision Statement

  • Table Tennis Saskatchewan's (TTSask) vision is to develop players in the sport of Table Tennis and to create healthy competition amongst athletes for the opportunity to represent the TTSask and Saskatchewan at all major Provincial, National, International and Olympic competitions. The TTSask will maintain a strong participation network to help supply high-level athletes to Provincial team.

Mission Statement (1981)

  • TTSask’s purpose is to promote and increase the knowledge, skill and proficiency of its members in all things relating to table tennis.



  • We value the purity of the sport of table tennis.
  • We value and support the achievements of Saskatchewan athletes to the highest possible level.
  • We value table tennis’s inherent ability to develop individuals physically, socially and emotionally through TTCan LTAD/Sport4Life.
  • We value the TTSask team that includes volunteers, parents, coaches, officials and staff.
  • We value TTSask’s club structure.
  • We value the accessibility of table tennis regardless of an individual’s physical size, gender, economic situation or geographic location.


Strategic Objectives

  • Canadian Sport 4 Life (CS4L) and Canada's Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) framework
  • Aboriginal Sport Development
  • Women in Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation
  • Coach and Officials Development