ITTF Sports Science and Medical Committee 
Dr Miran Kondric, Chair of ITTF Sports Science and Medical Committee explains the viewpoint of the International Table Tennis Federation.

Science Papers of Table Tennis 
Do young athletes have access to support from sport scientists — and if so, what difference does it make to their performance?

The general aim of research in table tennis and exercise medicine is to present an evidence-based view of the beneficial and adverse effects of physical activity and exercise training on player and his health. At the ITTF Sports Science and Medical Committee we have started to implement our first idea for the table tennis audience. 

Although the use of scientific research in sport has a long tradition, currently the practice of supporting table tennis with scientific findings is largely neglected. Because of that we have started to present papers which have been published worldwide recently in important scientific journals. 

From the viewpoint of sport psychology sports medicine, nutrition, performance analysis, physiology, talent identification, strength and conditioning and biomechanics, we would like to carry out the scientific support for young and elite players in table tennis. 

Science papers in table tennis should bring quick information to coaches, players and other interested persons with the aim of furthering co-operation between players, coaches and scientists working in the field of training and competition in table tennis.

Each part of training and the game gels theory (sport science) with practice (training and performance) in order to demonstrate the impact science can have on performance at the elite level. It will also be a key resource for those already involved in the implementation of coaching strategies at the elite level and also for players themselves.

Success in table tennis is much more likely if players follow a sound training programme based on scientific training principles, to prepare themselves physically and mentally for the rigorous demands of national and international competitions. Coaches are therefore obliged to encourage players to base their training on scientific training principles in order to enhance their performance, as well as to remain injury free.