2017-2018 Clinic Fees

The following charges will apply this year to demos and school/community clinics;

Hauling Tables (up to 8 tables)

In town - $105.00 GST Included flat fee.

Out of Town – $160.00 GST Included flat fee up to 100 km radius of Saskatoon or $0.60 per kilometer plus GST.

Table rent;

$55.00 GST Included per day plus hauling

$265.00 GST Included per week plus hauling

Coach fees - $160.00 GST Included per day 

Accommodation – local accommodations (or nearest large centre)

Meals - $60.00 GST Included per day per coach

Please remember that Affiliated Clubs can use MAP Grants to cover all these expenses. 

*Accomodations, meals and mileage are excluded from MAP Grant coverage*