What is the High Performance Athlete (HPA) Program?

The HPA Program starts in the Training to Compete stage of LTAD.  The HPA Program will help raise the performance capabilities of an athlete and help them perform and reach PEAK performance at identified competitions for the year.

Who is it for?

This program is for athletes that aspire to WIN at major competitions such as the Canada Winter Games, National Championships and World Championships. These athletes will train a number of days a week specifically to refine all components of the table tennis skills.


When does it start?

Participants are selected by the Provincial coach to participate in the HPA Program.  These participants are identified by the Provincial Coaching staff at varies camps and competitions throughout the province.

Why join the HPA Program?

So if you aspire to represent Saskatchewan at the Canada Winter Games or National Championships and Ultimately the Olympics, get started at a club, compete at our TTSask tournaments and our coaches could identify you as a candidate for our High Performance Program.