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The Birth of the Saskatchewan Table Tennis Association

The Saskatchewan Table Tennis Association (STTA) was formed in 1970 so Saskatchewan athletes could take part in the 1971 Canada Winter Games.  The STTA was officially incorporated as a Society on April 18, 1975 with the original office at 114 Sunset Drive in Regina.  The object of the society in 1975”To promote the sport of table tennis in Saskatchewan and to provide the utmost in opportunities to all its members to participate in the sport of table tennis as much as possible.”  The first President of the STTA was Robert Vos with Taka Kinose as a director and also as the first provincial coach.  Other board members upon incorporation were Neil Samoluk, Bob Lucky, Simon Wong and Lorne Cherry.

In 1976, the second year of operation of the STTA, Ron Wayow was elected as President, with the following people as the executive; Zig Lejins, Vice President, Robert Galenzoski, Secretary, Taka Kinose, Treasure.  Directors included Neil Samoluk, Robert Vos, Saithe James, Bob Lucky and Jack Chiang. Dave Coleman was introduced to the STTA as the first table tennis Technical Director.

In 1979 Bob Galenzoski was elected President of the STTA and carried into 1980 where the first Multi-year plan was implemented along with the hiring of an executive Director for the Association.   In 1981 STTA made its first application to SaskSport for money to fund the Executive Director position and was granted $13,200.00, the position would be responsible “for the administrating its policies and programs and to raise the necessary funds needed to carry out these programs”. The executive Director for the new STTA Inc. was Dave Coleman.

Also in 1981 the STTA applied to be fully incorporated and on November 17th, 1981 the Saskatchewan Table Tennis Association Incorporated was formed.   Leading the new Board of Directors was President, Kotrappa Hampole and the first set of Directors of the STTA Inc. including Harold Glowa, Henry J. Marcotte, Murray G. Sproule, Erwin Engel, Robert F. Galenzoski, Edward Hung, Robert Pilon and Allan Romanosky.  In the late eighties the office was moved to Saskatoon at 510 Cynthia Street.

Dave Coleman continued to run the Association as the Executive Director and also Provincial Coach until 1985.  In 1987 Christian Lillieroos was hired the Provincial Coach while the Executive Director position remained vacant until 1987 when Steve Taylor was hired to run the STTA office.


Vision Statement

  • Table Tennis Saskatchewan's (TTSask) vision is to develop players in the sport of Table Tennis and to create healthy competition amongst athletes for the opportunity to represent the TTSask and Saskatchewan at all major Provincial, National, International and Olympic competitions. The TTSask will maintain a strong participation network to help supply high-level athletes to Provincial team.

Mission Statement (1981)

TTSask’s purpose is to promote and increase the knowledge, skill and proficiency of its members in all things relating to table tennis.

Strategic Objectives

  • Canadian Sport 4 Life (CS4L) and Canada's Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) framework

  • Aboriginal Sport Development

  • Women in Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation

  • Coach and Officials Development



  • We value the purity of the sport of table tennis.

  • We value and support the achievements of Saskatchewan athletes to the highest possible level.

  • We value table tennis’s inherent ability to develop individuals physically, socially and emotionally through TTCan LTAD/Sport4Life.

  • We value the TTSask team that includes volunteers, parents, coaches, officials and staff.

  • We value TTSask’s club structure.

  • We value the accessibility of table tennis regardless of an individual’s physical size, gender, economic situation or geographic location.

Our Office

510 Cynthia Street
Saskatoon, SK, S7L 7K7


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Our Staff

Provincial Technical Coach- Paul Noel -

Executive Director - Jeffrey Woo -

Our Board of Directors

President - Gabriel Ng

Rob Chan

Ed Hung

Lindsay Collins

Derek Mercer

Gary To

Chuling Ye

Huan Ye

Bob Lucky

Martin Mau

Murray Sproule