• The purpose of the Membership Assistance Program (MAP) is to provide financial assistance to our affiliated membership so that they may operate programs and offer services that will encourage club membership and promote table tennis throughout Saskatchewan.

  • This grant is available to TTSASK affiliated clubs through assistance of Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation, which derive proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets in Saskatchewan.

  • Deadline to submit MAP Application and Spending Plans is December 15.  Applications will be accepted starting September 15th.



  • All projects submitted for MAP Grant funds need to be supported by a minimum of 25% self help funding. Example - $1000 project – Requested amount cannot exceed $750.00, club must fund the other $250.00)

  • Funds are available to those clubs that have paid their club affiliation fees and are members in good standing with the TTSASK.

  • Grants will be allocated based on the Individual Membership Fees and Forms submitted to the TTSASK and based on previous years participation in TTSASK activities as per Funding Level Criteria below.  

  • All clubs may submit requests for Special Project Funding and these funds will be allocated based on Individual Membership Fees and funds available after regular MAP Grants are disbursed.


  • Base Amount $200.00 – Based on Individual Membership fees, play-ability time and forms submitted

Participation MAP Grant Criteria

Maximum allocation - $1000.00 (this funding will only be allocated to clubs that submit individual membership fees and will be based on number of individual members submitted).

  • Active Certified Coach - $100.00 for each active certified in Table Tennis coach.

  • Officials – Max: $100.00 (a club facilitates an officials clinic or $20. per active certified official)

  • Provincial Tournament Attendance - (Max. $100– $10.00 per player and coach attending tournaments)

  • Provincial School Championships – (Maximum $200.00 attendance at Provincial School Championships)

  • Host Regional Tournament - $100 per tourney (min. 2 clubs & results submitted to TTSASK) 

Special Projects

In addition to the base amount, clubs can apply for special projects, which includes the purchase of larger equipment (tables, barriers, etc.)

  • If MAP funds are remaining after the Base and Participation portion are disbursed, funding may be available for special projects.

  • Special Project applications must be applied for at the same time as MAP applications and spending plans are submitted.  Deadline for submitting a Special Project request is December 15, 2015.

  • Special Project may include such projects as the purchase of table tennis tables, barriers or large costs associated with teams attending provincial tournaments.  Receipts will need to be attached to follow-up reports for money to be released. 

  • Contact the for further details.




MAP funds are to be used to support community and club-level sport development.  Expenditures in the following areas would be eligible expense;

  • Equipment purchases such as tables, rackets, balls, etc.

  • Expenses for attending tournaments within Saskatchewan such as accommodations, travel and meals.

  • Coach or official education workshops or courses, if held in Saskatchewan.

  • Projects can be a combination of the above eligible expenses.


MAP funds are to be used to support community and club-level sport development. Therefore, expenditures within the following areas are ineligible for support:

  • Any construction, upgrading, maintenance or operating costs of facilities.

  • Expenditures for which other grant dollars have been used. Two different grants cannot be used to pay the same dollar of expense, whether the grant comes from the Trust Fund or any other granting agency.

  • Cash prizes.

  • Social events (barbecues, lunches, etc.). 

  • Alcoholic beverages. 

  • Research projects or feasibility studies.

  • Out-of-Province travel.

  • Provincial or University CIS team expenses.

  • Other expenses deemed as ineligible as identified by the TTSASK. 

Note: If a member is unsure about the eligibility of MAP expenditure, the member should contact the TTSASK for clarification. 


  • Applicants must submit the MAP Grant Spending Plan outlining a project and the amount of MAP Grant funding requested.  (Please review eligible expenses on the previous page).   Deadline for applications is December 15.  Applications will be accepted starting September 15th.  After the deadline date of December 15, applications will be reviewed on a “first come first serve” basis pending funding availability.

  • Application and Spending Plan forms are available on the TTSASK website, or clubs can contact the TTSASK office at 306-975-0835 or by e-mail at

  • Special Project applications must be submitted at the same time as your MAP application.

  • MAP Applications and Spending Plans should be typewritten signed by the club president or teacher in charge and sent to the TTSASK office;