Mandatory Respect in Sport (RiS) online program for Coaches

Respect in Sport (RiS) is an online educational program,, to assist coaches 
and sport leaders in identifying abuse, bullying, harassment and neglect in sport. 
Sask Sport Inc., along with the support of the Saskatchewan Government, 
has launched this required program for Coaches in the province to help to 
provide a safer and more respectful sporting environment for all to participate.
The online training program is being provided free of charge for all users.

Coaches registered with a Provincial Sport Governing Body will be required to 
complete the certification in order to coach. Provincial Sport Governing Bodies 
will be responsible for establishing specific policies and timelines for 
implementing the requirement for their coaches on the field of play to have 
taken the course. The sport system believes strongly in this program and the 
values it promotes, therefore coaches who have not completed the course will 
be unable to volunteer in the capacity of coach until the certification is reached.

The RiS curriculum consists of six modules and takes approximately three 
hours to complete. It can be completed in one or multiple sittings. There is no 
examination component. Once the course has been completed, a certificate 
verifying completion is generated. Coaches completing the RiS certification 
will be tracked through the RiS database and each sport will have access to this 
database to determine if their registered coaches have completed the course. 
Coaches will only have to take the course once, even if they coach in multiple 

Coaches that have already received equivalent training such as Hockey's 
"Speak Out" program or the National Coaching Certification Program's 
(NCCP) Empower Plus program will not be required to also take the RiS certification. 
Coaches in the education system who have completed the "Respect in School" 
training would also be given equivalency recognition.

The RiS program was developed by Respect Group Inc., along with the 
Canadian Red Cross, to help protect youth, inform leaders and diminish the 
liability of an organization. Specific program topics include definitions of 
bullying, abuse, harassment, neglect and discrimination, cyber-bullying, hazing, 
the use of power, emotions, how to respond, reporting, moral and legal issues, 
and development. Click on a link below to enter the RiS for Coaches on-line training program: